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Celebrate Hina Matsuri at Mikuni from 1 – 10 March 2015

Hina Matsuri also known as Doll’s Festival, is celebrated each year on 3rd March in Japan. This occasion is a time for families or in particular, parents with young daughters to make offerings of food to miniature dolls as they pray for the happiness and health of their little girls.


Back by popular demand and for the third year running, Fairmont’s resident Japanese restaurant- Mikuni has launched a bento set lunch menu specially created to mark this festive occasion.

Available for a limited time only, from 1 – 10 March 15, these 8-course bento sets are exquisitely designed to charm the ladies. From the feminine pink colour accents to the floral touches, Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo has taken deliberate care in the plating of every dish, right down to the garnishing so as to impress his guests.


Presented in a tiered style with all 8 dishes fitting perfectly onto a neat wooden tray, Chef Moon’s attention to detail was truly evident as each layer unravelled one tantalising item after the other. If you are all about first impressions, I am sure you will be won over from the moment the Hina Matsuri lunch bento is placed in front of you.

The Kyushu Experience @ Japanese Dining SUN (Chjimes)

In association with the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japanese Dining SUN (Chjimes) & Sun with Moon (Wheelock Place) will be launching the Kyushu Experience from the 16th November 2012 to 8th January 2013 for everyone to enjoy specially created dishes using only premium ingredients, air-flown straight from regions in and around Kyushu, Japan twice a week. This experience does not get anymore authentic than that.

Here is a preview of the Kyushu Gourmet Experience menu which will debut on the 16th of November 2012 so dont forget to look out for it!

Kyushu Sashimi Mori 7 Kind $88.80

Sashimi aficionados will be very pleased with this stunning display of 7 different kinds of extremely fresh raw fish. From fatty tuna, to yellow seabream, horse mackerel, golden eye snapper, striped jack, yellowtail and Japanese seabream, this Japanese delicacy was almost alive with its bright colours and firm textures. The fillets were moist-looking and simply appetizing. With so many varieties sitting on the packed ice, you will be spoilt for choice.

Mentai Salmon Takana Roll $18.80

These salmon rolls had me sold with their bold vibrancy and myriad of colours all distinctly differentiated in the layers as observed in the cross section. Unlike regular Makizushi which are usually wrapped in Nori however, the Mentai Salmon Takana Roll was instead wrapped with a layer of Japanese preserved mustard leaf that contributed a hint of saltiness which tied the sweetness of the omelette and mild spiciness of the cod roe together quite beautifully.

Kagoshima Mentai Cheese Chigiri Age $9.80

Triangular shaped pockets of fishcake blended with spicy seasoned cod roe and cheese, these browned delights are best eaten warm. The flavour of the cheese is subtle and will be appreciated amongst those who do not really fancy the heaviness of cheese in their dishes. Others who do however, may find this one just mediocre.