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One Man Coffee @ Upper Thomson Road

The newest cafe to open in Upper Thomson Road, month old One Man Coffee has wisely decided to share the space of Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar instead of finding one of their own. ‘It makes perfect sense’, Sarah Jane Lin (one of the partners of One Man Coffee) lets on, ‘after all, the pizzeria only opens from 5pm onwards so we might as well share their rent’. Spoken like a true pragmatic especially when high rental costs are one of the main reasons why eateries are closing down so quickly these days.

One Man Coffee currently only has an all-day-brunch menu of five offerings featuring anything that can made using a pizza oven. But that constraint is hardly limiting as Sarah- a former chef at Immigrants Gastrobar is always game for a challenge and discloses that she is currently experimenting and will soon be introducing even more items to the menu. Baked eggs and grilled cheese anyone?


Coffee enthusiasts who flock here will be treated to a brew made from Melbourne’s Axil Coffee Roasters beans pulled by the expert hands of Sarah’s partner who has worked his way through many Melbourne cafes. An Espresso starts at $3 and an Iced Mocha is $6.50. Prices are also nett here.

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We tried their Toad in the Hole served with Bacon Jam $10 and French Toast Brioche with Homemade Berry Compote and Candied Walnuts $10 during our visit here on a weekday afternoon. Though there was a bigger obvious crowd seen at neighbour Habitat Coffee a few doors down, the quiet and solace which One Man Coffee offered was much more welcoming to me. The space was cosy, dimly lit- allowing just the right amount of sunlight to flow through their windows while furniture was woody, rustic but still stylish and put together.

Assembly Coffee | a third wave coffee movement

Two month old cafe Assembly Coffee joins the row of eateries at Evans Road Lodge. Sandwiched exactly between The Wine Company and Mr Prata, this self-proclaimed ‘third wave coffee movement’ cafe uses beans from local roasters such as Liberty Coffee and Geisha Speciality to feed the growing demand of coffee connoisseurs in our community who now care more about the quality, freshness and body of their cuppa instead of simply getting a caffeine fix.

I found this hidden gem through Instagram (surprise surprise) and was actually drawn to their Salted Caramel Waffles that everyone seems to be raving about since I do not drink coffee anyway. And after publishing my list of 5 Best Waffles in Singapore earlier last year, I was definitely up for the challenge to revise that list if there was a worthy adversary.


We came here on a Sunday for their weekend brunch and found that there was a steady stream of customers. It was not insanely packed, neither was it quiet and empty. It was a good crowd with the servers still able to give you attention when required. Space wise, it was cosy with a communal table bordered by 3-4 tables on either side.

Between the two of us, we ordered a Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon $13.90, Granola with Greek Yoghurt $6.50, Salted Caramel Waffles $11.50, Hot Chocolate and a Babycino to share.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

The hottest collaboration in town at the moment is none other than the one located at 22 Martin Road. Two month old Common Man Coffee Roasters upped the ante by pulling out the big guns, bringing together Spa Esprit Group, Harry Grover from 40 Hands and Five Senses Coffee (Australia) for the trendiest concept cafe of the season.


Setting itself apart from other specialty coffee places, CMCR instead serves up a bevy of Middle-Eastern influenced all-day-breakfast items such as the Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast which features halloumi & free-range organic eggs, and the Turkish Common Man Breakfast with phyllo-wrapped soft boiled eggs, crispy feta with hummus and pita bread. Lunch options too are exotic with the likes of Baked Beetroot with feta cheese or Quinoa Salad with yoghurt & mint.


And though the place is called Common Man Coffee Roasters, meant for the common man, the prices seem to suggest otherwise. Be expected to fork out $26 for the Common Man Full Breakfast, $18 for a French Toast and $34 for a 300gm Ribeye Steak.

Nespresso Crealto-Infused Creations in October at Sabio by the Sea, La Cantine, Forlino Dining on the Bay & ME@OUE

Teaming up with restaurants Sabio by the Sea, La Cantine, Forlino Dining on the Bay & ME@OUE, Nespresso Singapore will be rolling out four unique Nespresso Crealto-infused dishes in the month of October. Created especially for this collaboration in mind, these creations will be available at the respective restaurants from 1st October onwards.


This promo is line with the launch of Nespresso’s new Crealto Limited Edition Grand Cru for business solution customers. Blended entirely from washed Arabicas with an intensity of 8 upon 10, the rich aroma and long-lasting roasting notes of Crealto allows it to be appreciated not just as a strong perk-me-up, but also versatile to be showcased in gastronomy as well.


The acclaimed chefs behind these four creations are none other than Chef Damien Le Bihan from Sabio by the Sea, Chef Bruno Menard from La Cantine, Chef Kentaro Torii from Forlino and Chef Nicholas Vergnole from ME@OUE.


The only savory item of the lot, Chef Damien’s Grilled Ribeye in Coffee Beans with Velvet Chili Sauce and Viola Mash Potatoes $42++ is not for the faint-hearted. 300g of quality ribeye grilled in the legendary Josper Oven- believed to be the Ferrari of ovens (yes it comes in the color red too), the seemingly charred exterior coated with the Crealto beans produces a wonderfully smokey flavor and a tender beautifully medium-rare pink beefiness. Throw in a mould of chunky mash in a spectacular hue of purple and the result is a hearty main course pleasing to the eye.

Jewel Cafe + Bar on Rangoon Road

Riding on the success of its flagship artisanal coffee house in Shenton Way- Jewel Coffee, owner Adrian Khong has since opened his second outlet- Jewel Cafe + Bar in the heart of Little India, along Rangoon Road. Unlike its predecessor, this cafe+bar concept boasts of a full-fledged menu featuring all day comfort foods of unique appetizers, tantalizing pastas, scrumptious burgers and original cocktail concoctions from the bar.

Pop by between 3-7pm for 20% off alcoholic drinks during happy hour!

Coffee aficionados will also be pleased to know that Jewel now roasts their coffee beans in a specially imported roaster, at the cafe’s very own backyard. These freshly roasted coffee beans are then supplied to both Jewel outlets (Shenton Way and Rangoon Road), as well as other cafes and establishments. Word has it that barista workshops conducted for the public are also in the works so keep your ears peeled for the enthusiast in you.


Headlining our appetizers, was a warm bowl cup of French Onion Soup $8 with a brimming cap of three different types of cheeses- Swiss, Parmesan and Gruyere melted cohesively together to compliment the soothingly sweet broth beneath. Effortlessly comforting and surprisingly well done for a non-French establishment. Two thumbs up!

Do note that this is only a tasting portion…


Next was the Shio-Koji Octopoke $12, so elegantly plated with details, it could almost pass off as fine-dining. Made up of pan-seared octopus cubes tossed in shio-koji, creamy avocado and shredded ginger flower, this appetizer sure left a piquant impression on the taste buds. That ring of wasabi-extra virgin olive oil concoction that bordered the plate especially, added balance and a concentration of flavor that intensed without overwhelming the dish overall.


These unassuming Fat Soldiers $9 were essentially slices of freshly toasted baguette served with a dip of homemade bacon jam which took owner-Adrian one month to perfect! Somewhat like a relish consistency, you would not be blamed for thinking that it tasted a tad like blitzed bak kwa (honeyed dried- pork). And I have to admit, the ease of eating the jam with a spoon, made the experience all the more gratifying.