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Fat Belly @ Serene Centre, Bukit Timah

Sharing the same space as Sugarhaus in Serene Centre at the ground level, Fat Belly is the new steak speciality speakeasy bar that opened about 4-5 months ago. The menu is simple and straightforward as they only served two different cuts of steak on the night that we were there- Flat Iron and Short Rib, about four types of side dishes and two desserts. Needless to say that if you are not a steak lover or do not fancy beef, this place is not for you.

We dropped by for dinner one evening and got a pair of counter seats, there are only about ten by the way so those with big groups can actually take the regular tables in Sugarhaus itself. We ordered both the Flat Iron $22 and Short Rib $25 which also came with house salad and a dipping sauce. Not quite the usual cut of steak you would come across at steakhouses, the former is actually part of the shoulder muscle of the cow. And as its name self-explains, one would expect the meat to be thick and tough. Quite the opposite actually because what we ate was superbly tender, adequately juicy with just the right amount of bite to it. We had ours cooked “medium rare” and it was absolutely delightful.

Long Bar Steakhouse @ Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel in Singapore is iconic and I think we can all agree on this. Being invited to dine in a restaurant within the enclosure of one of the few remaining 19th century hotels had me thrilled. I had dined at Royal China and The Halia before, with much enjoyment, but tried to temper my expectations as it was my first time at Long Bar Steakhouse.

Tomahawk Steak Image - LBSH Oct 2015

We started the night with a sampling platter of seared scallop with green tea foam and barley, smoked salmon on a slice of beetroot, and a crab cake. I was not expecting fine dining standards so the portion, palate and presentation of this was lovely.

I am interrupting the chronological order and giving my thoughts on the dessert first because something as colossal as the Tomahawk steak needs to be left to the last!

Backyard@Dempsey | Bar & Restaurant | NOW CLOSED

Located at the first turn of Minden Road, Backyard@Dempsey is an idyllic picture of lush greenery and wooden rustic charm. With its low rise planked wooden ceilings and open concept that leads out to a bigger porch with widely spaced tables and chairs under the strategically placed lampposts that offer the right amount of light without being too intrusive, it is simply the perfect place for a quick getaway from our bustling and fast paced cosmopolitan city.

Opened by duo team Han and Val, this couple is truly one of a kind. Dynamic and effervescent, Val is a fantastic host who is full of life and always so bubbly, while Han is the more serious one with a warm and down to earth personality. Together, their complementing characters translate into what Backyard@Dempsey is essentially all about- feeling right at home in your very own backyard.

Val shares that their dream was to have a space for customers to just come and chill in their own comfortable attire while they provide great food, music (a live band plays every Friday night) and of course an extensive 4 page long list of various wines, beers, cocktails and spirits. So it’s all about letting loose with a little alcohol and just enjoying the peace and tranquility that nature has to offer in this little nook in the woods.

We kicked off the night with a couple of mocktails since we were driving. The Longan Freeze $7.80 and the Kiwi Backyard Quencher $6.80 were refreshing and ice-cold. I loved how they had topped my drink with real longans for an extra fruity touch.

And of course, some munchies were also in order as accompaniment for our mocktails.

Backyard@Dempsey offers great light bite options of fries, chicken wings, corn chips with various dips and even some local favourites such as spring rolls and fried ikan bilis with peanuts. There is definitely something for everyone right here.

We tried the Spam Fries $9.80 which was one of their more popular starters. Good ol’ luncheon meat sliced and dipped in batter before frying to a golden brown. This was so sinful but oh so satisfying and delicious. Paired off with the wasabi mayo dip served at the side, it’s so hard not to love.

The US Beef & Vegetable skewers $19.30 reminded me of the true BBQ grub with that nice smokey smell and black charcoal bits stuck onto the food. But of course, this version was done with a lot more class and looked way appetising. Alternating pieces of USDA beef with red peppers, zucchinis and onions threaded into the skewer for the added colour, it is a fun way of getting your meat craving satisfied with a good serve of veggies.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Singapore

An established name in the world of premium steakhouses in Hong Kong, Wooloomooloo has just opened its first international branch here in Singapore, at level 3 of Raffles City Shopping Centre. And, unlike other fine dining steakhouses, Wooloomooloo prides itself as providing a more relaxed and casual experience for customers but a memorable one nonetheless.

That attitude however is not translated in their service and furnishing of the place. The good people at Wooloomooloo have spared no effort in the architecture of the restaurant. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows that span across the place and the charming view of the Singapore skyline and turn 9 of the Formula 1 race track, it comes as no surprise to hear that the restaurant has been a sellout and is fully booked during the three days of the night races.

Be greeted by the warm lights of the laid back lounge with its sofas and cushions for you to simply kick off those working shoes and enjoy the evening with some lovely Jazz tunes and a cocktail in hand. With experienced mixologists tending the bar, you are definitely in good hands.

I personally tried the Cool Mint Mocktail $10. A mix of lychee juice and mint which was simply refreshing and not too sweet. Loved how the mint was subtle and added the extra punch to the drink. Other house favourites include The Chocolate Martini $19 and the Lychee Rouge $19.

After pre-drinks, we were then moved to the semi-private dining area which hosted about twelve of us quite comfortably. The place can also be booked for functions or more intimate group gatherings.

First up were some complementary warm freshly baked Focaccia with caramelised onions and whipped butter served on the side. Loved the rustic presentation and how easily the bread knife cut through the Focaccia. You know it is always going to be a good evening when your tummy is first filled with warm fluffy bread.

The appetizers were then served.

If you are one for first impressions, then the aesthetically pleasing Jumbo Prawn Cocktail $29 will definitely whet your appetite. Large sized super fresh and firm peeled prawns dipped into a beautiful cocktail sauce made from a mix of Horseradish and sweet chilli. Add a squeeze of the lime and you are set.

NYC Eats: Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn

Synonymous with great tasting steak and voted 27 times in a row as NYC’s best steakhouse, Peter Luger is indeed a household name when it comes to serving up the finest steaks. After all, this 125 year old establishment is also a one star Michelin restaurant!

Located at about a 15min walk from the nearest subway station, Peter Luger greets you with its boisterous and lively atmosphere as you step through the rugged wooden doors of the restaurant. This place is hardly fine dining and is in fact more casual and unfussed, evident from the simple layout and architecture. The walls are filled with framed certificates of their awards and accolades, even more proof of what a crowd pleaser Peter Luger has been over the years.

Reservations are a MUST at this place and we rushed here after a 5hr flight from Seattle. We were clearly excited to see or rather taste how special this award winning steak really was.

A basket of bread was delivered to our table straight after our orders were placed. There were mainly three types of bread- taste wise, it was not too bad. It was however cold and hard. I was a tad disappointed but I was not about to pass a judgement on a steakhouse simply on their basket of rolls.