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Adelaide Eats: Pira Thai Cuisine

Pira Thai Cuisine at Parkside was a huge recommendation by the seniors when we were craving for Thai food. They gave us a few MUST-TRY dishes so off we went in our rented car to the suburbs to find out what this modest restaurant had to offer.

Pepper and Garlic Pork or Seafood $12.80
Marinated loin pork sliced and pan fried with pepper and crispy garlic flakes and chilli.

Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Every bite of this garlic pork was simply divine. Coupled with the extra crunch from the garlic flakes and tinge of spiciness, there was absolutely nothing to complain about this dish.

Adelaide Eats: Chopstix Again!

Decided to come to Chopstix for dinner because we needed a nearby place which wouldnt take too long to serve up the dishes especially since there were exams the next day! :)

Beef Pho Noodle Soup

Tom Yum Rice Vermicelli Noodle Soup

Vegetables and Tofu in Sizzling Bangkok sauce

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Adelaide Eats: $8.90 Lunch Special at Rundle Spices

$8.90 lunch special! Yummy food and huge portions :D I like ordering takeaway from here because they always pack the food in cute white little boxes with handles. Anyway I realised all 3 photos of the dishes look similar but anyhow, they did taste different and for $8.90 (all rice/noodles dishes are $8.90 during weekday lunch times but otherwise $11.90 for dinner and weekends), I thought it was very worth it! Quick stop at Gelatissimo next door for dessert after lunch. How convenient :)

Kway Teow– Fresh flat rice noodles with seafood & seasonal vegetables.

Pud Thai– Traditional Thai rice noodles fried with egg, shrimps, chicken & bean sprouts topped with crushed peanuts.

I usually get the Rundle Spices Noodles but decided to try something new today! And Im glad I did! My new favourite- Hot and Sour! Tastes a tad like Tom Yam Noodles dry :D

Hot & Sour Noodles– Rice vermicelli with barbequed pork, chicken & vegetables in a hot & sour paste

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278a Rundle Street
Adelaide, SA 5000
08 8232 9288

Rundle Spices on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Regent Thai

Came here for dinner after Tys’ volleyball game since we were too tired to do any cooking so it was Thai food in North Adelaide to the rescue. It was a Wednesday night and all the restaurants around the area were pretty quiet but Regent Thai was still relatively occupied so we decided it couldnt be that bad and walked in! :) I didnt bring my camera so photos were taken with an iPhone 4! :X

POH TEAK $8.50– Prawn, squid, mussel and scallop in hot and sour clear soup topped with chilli and basil

GAI or NEAU PUD KHING $16.50– Chicken or beef stir-fried with ginger, spring onion, black fungus and mushrooms (mild)

GAI or NEAU PUD PRIK $16.50– Chicken or beef stir-fried with seasonal vegetables, fresh chilli and garlic (hot)

Well it really wasnt bad at all! Love gravy laden rice and the portions were just nice. They were also pretty generous with the ingredients in the soup as well :) Good impulsive decision made after all.

165 O’Connell St
Adelaide, 5006
(08) 8239 0927

Regent Thai on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Chopstix on Rundle

Came here for dinner on Jie’s last night in Adelaide. It was a rainy, cold and wet night so we were really in need of hot comfort food without having to travel too far!

We started off with a

Tom Yum Soup with Seafood $4.90

Sizzling Bangkok Wok Tossed Vegetables with Tofu $10.90

Chargrilled Barramundi Fillet in Sweet Chilli Sauce

Serving sizes were great and hearty. Maybe a little too much for 2 of us to finish but we managed with some difficulty. Food was good though especially when we requested for extra spicy! Definitely great comfort food for a gloomy day with a loved one :)

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287 Rundle St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8223 7575

Chopstix on Urbanspoon