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PUNCH @ 32 North Canal Road

North Canal Road has a new addition to its row of eateries and that tenant is none other than PUNCH- the brainchild of the people behind Ronin and The Plain. Although it has only been a week since its opening, PUNCH has already created quite the wave on social media with its beautiful instagram-friendly courtyard and nailing that highly sought-after minimalistic look that most cafes seem to be going for these days. Concrete with wooden accents and touches of greenery, the overall attitude was casual, laid-back and effortlessly hipster.

The concept here at PUNCH is similar to that of Ronin in that there is no actual menu and the wait staff recites the menu out to you, dish by dish so you can stop him/her at any point for further clarifications on the ingredients or components of any of the items. Novel idea and quite brilliant actually considering that the menu does change up frequently and the cafe saves on having to print new hardcopy menus each time they add or remove a dish.

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We came by on a Saturday afternoon and was informed that only the Brunch menu was being offered. This also meant that the much raved about Fried Chicken that everyone says is a must-try at PUNCH, was not available. We were definitely disappointed to find that out but nonetheless settled for a bowl of Classic Bolognese $16 which our friendly server convinced us, was a worthy alternative. Made with three different types of minced meat- chicken, pork and beef, this bolognese served with spaghetti was more towards the dry side so if you prefer your pasta soaked with gravy, this probably would not be your cup of tea. Notwithstanding that, it was still enjoyable but none too mind-blowing.

BRIDGE Restaurant & Bar

Located along Seah street is an eatery by the name of BRIDGE. Cafe in the day but restaurant and bar when night falls, BRIDGE is practically an enigma that keeps things interesting for their customers by changing things up regularly with their food suppliers and dishes offered on the menu.

We dropped by one Saturday afternoon for brunch and the place was expectedly quite crowded. Seating options include the dimmer lit indoors with comforting air-conditioning while the outdoors albeit the heat, was enjoyably strategic for people-watching and had much better lighting.

Our lunch started off with a hearty bowl of Pumpkinoa $16. Instead of the usual boring carbs, BRIDGE focuses on tasty healthy alternatives such as organic quinoa and roasted rosemary pumpkin to bring new flavours and excitement to the dish. Tender and sweet, the chunks of golden pumpkin paired easily with the grains of quinoa and the tangy carrot vinaigrette. The pumpkin seeds too added a nice crunch while the crumbs of feta cheese gave the overall dish a creamy finish. Good to know that healthy food can actually taste this good after all.


The next dish served was the 62°C Egg $19. Sou vide egg served on a thick layer of truffle mash potato, surrounded by sautéed wild mushrooms, chicken jus, prosciutto di parma, sourdough and seasonal truffle slices. The best part was definitely breaking that beautifully poached egg and letting the soft yolk flow. Slightly rich in flavours but no doubt a party in my mouth.

Weekend Brunch @ Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road

Spa Esprit Group has done it again with their hottest new collaboration- Open Farm Community (OFC). Teaming up with Tippling Club’s Ryan Clift and Edible Gardens’ Bjorn Low, OFC is more than just a restaurant and fancy cocktail bar. It is instead an initiative to create a sustainable farming concept which supplies the greens and exotic herbs featured in the dishes at OFC- all grown and harvested in the backyard garden of their 6,000 sq metre property.

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The restaurant itself seats about 60 people with an open-concept kitchen and glass panelled floor-to-ceiling windows allowing just the right amount of sunlight to flow through. Service was great, effortlessly smooth and attentive without being overly intrusive. I do appreciate it when service staff are enthusiastic to share more about the dishes and make informative recommendations on what to order. OFC had that part covered quite well.

GIVEAWAY | Weekend Brunch @ Catalunya Singapore

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Just when you thought that weekend brunches were typically made for only Sundays, you could not be more mistaken. Calling all fans of Spanish cuisine, Catalunya’s Brunch with Passion is now rolling out on every Saturdays, on top of their current Sunday brunches, from 12.30pm – 3.30pm. With over 40 traditional Spanish dishes coupled with entertaining showmanship at intervals of the brunch buffet, expect a fun-filled brunch affair with family, friends and loved ones.

Weekend Brunch @ Super Loco- Mexican Street Food

From the same people who brought you Lucha Loco at Duxton Hill, comes the vivacious, younger, and slightly more chipper sister outlet- Super Loco. Located at The Quayside, this restaurant and bar which prides itself for serving Mexican street food, has a bright and sunny appeal with its coloured theme of pastels and neon. From communal tables and benches to bar counter stools and regular wooden tables, the spacious open-concept diner is all about recreating the Mexican City experience for their guests.

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Super Loco offers two menus- Dinner served from 5pm onwards Wednesdays to Sundays and Brunch on the weekends from 10am-3pm. Reservations are also not allowed unless you have a group of more than 8 people. After seeing all those mouthwatering pictures on Instagram, coupled with my inclination towards brunch food, I naturally gravitated towards making a trip down on a Sunday to try their newly launched weekend brunch menu.