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New Modern Asian Weekend Brunch at KU DÉ TA Singapore

Not all about eggs, baked beans, waffles or pancakes anymore, KU DÉ TA Singapore redefines brunch by putting a Modern Asian twist to it. The menu curated by Executive Chef Frederic Faucheux, is a 5 course Japanese-inspired one and a culinary showcase of his Nobu roots. From traditional favourites of Donburi, Okonomiyaki and Ramen to unconventional takes on Laksa and Char Siew Hong Kong Noodles, KU DÉ TA’s newly launched Modern Asian Weekend Brunch is set to excite the palate and create an identity of its own in the world of brunch.


1st course:

2nd course:
Oysters, Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Tataki

Our Saturday morning started on a luxurious note with bowls of Edamame sprinkled with Maldon salt grains, freshly shucked Oysters adorned with rich fat spheres of ikura, chopped apple and sweet wobbly bits of konbu kelly, and Salmon Sashimi dressed in creamy shishito dressing with an addictive umami finish.

Sunday Remix Brunch @ W Hotel Singapore

Traveling to Sentosa is always an excuse to ‘get away from the city’. Granted that it is technically just a bridge away from the mainland, one will definitely feel that a different aura and vibe is in the air when you are there. After all, what’s not to love about our resort island with its gorgeous coastal settings and dynamic atmosphere?

The Sunday Remix Brunch at W Hotel, just next to Quayside Isle, gives you the perfect excuse to make a trip down, an opportunity to escape from the bustle of the city and simply soak up all the natural elements this vibrant locale has to offer.


Featuring the best culinary creations from its two resident restaurants- The Kitchen Table and SKIRT, this Sunday Brunch is a showcase of global classics, crisp salads, fresh seafood, live cooking stations and grilled-to-order meats and seafood from the latter’s parilla grill.


I stepped into The Kitchen Table and fell in love instantly. It’s hard not to, when the first thing that greets you near the entrance is this cheerful and exuberant display of desserts. The seating area too, charms with convival setting and jolliness. From shocking lime green water tumblers that the waiters serve you with, to the brightly coloured cutlery and quirky salt & pepper shakers, this place certainly does not take itself too seriously and expects you not to as well.


Over at SKIRT, the Seafood Fridge beckons with its cuts of sashimi, succulent prawns and mussels, Alaskan king crab legs and an assortment of sushi. This was an immensely popular station with the crowds and I was lucky to snap this shot before the queues began to form all the way to the door!

Stirling Highway @ 5 Ridgewood Close

Another brunch place in the West has opened. Taking over the shophouse space formerly occupied by Haato at Ridgewood Close condominium, this place is really not for those who do not drive or cab in- the nearest bus stop is at least a 10 minute walk away. Nonetheless, people coming here who are looking for a quiet respite and cafe to chill on the weekends may be disappointed because crowds have already hopped on the bandwagon and the place was full house and bustling on a late Saturday morning when we dropped by- we had to sit at the al fresco area. None too shabby I have to say, for a cafe that has been opened only for 3 months in a tad obscure location.

Started by three young friends who met during their university days in Perth, the cafe is also fondly named after the street they used to live in. Serving brunch food from opening till 2pm everyday, the menu switches to a more mains and pastas one from 6pm onwards. Lunch is served in between from 11am-2pm as well, with nothing more than $16 while dinner items are $20 and below.


We had our Eggs Benedict $12.90 with Smoked Salmon and with the sprinkle of cracked black pepper and dash of cayenne pepper, this was a pretty picture- truly Instagram worthy. The only problem was that because it was so crowded and they seemed shorthanded, we had to wait roughly 40 minute for this arrive. And we were both ravenous by the time it did. So did it taste good? The combination was enjoyable I have to admit though I did not have the patience to tease out the individual elements of the hollandaise and sourdough because I was simply too hungry. But in case you were curious, both poached eggs were perfect and burst beautifully with flowing yolks.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Sunday Brunch @ Edge, Pan Pacific Singapore

Sundays have just gotten a whole lot more indulgent with Edge’s new launch- a brand new Champagne Brunch experience featuring unlimited booze- Veuve Clicquot champagne, wines, beers, cocktails and the likes. Dubbed one of the longest brunches in Singapore, the gastro‐tainment dining experience begins from 12pm and last all the way till 4pm, with seven different food theatres preparing food a la minute, ‘live’ grills, a 2 metre long Cheeseboard and a dessert station featuring over 20 sweet treats.


The good people from Pan Pacific Singapore have spared no expense in spoiling you with this extravaganza. So simply be prepared to get ‘lost’ in the sights, sounds and smells of your surroundings and enjoy the interactive nature of this sensorial experience.


The mechanics behind how this whole brunch buffet works is simple. Take a couple of wooden sticks provided which have your table number labeled on it and bring it along with you as you browse through the buffet line. If anything at the ‘live’ stations catch your eye, make your order and hand over a stick. The food will then be served to your table.

In the meantime while you are waiting, get started on the self service sections such as the Crustacean on Ice display with free-flow Boston lobsters, Alaskan King Crabs, Pawns and Scallops.

25 Places To Eat In Singapore with Nett Prices

25 places 1

Dining in cafes and restaurants can get annoying sometimes when it comes to settling the bill and you realise that the total amount on the receipt does not reflect the prices you had seen on the menu earlier. It also gets frustrating when splitting the bill and the best in Math at the table always gets arrowed to calculate an extra 17% for every person in the group. And so sometimes having a meal at a place that offers NETT PRICES is extremely helpful, convenient and straightforward.

This is a list of 25 places (fast food places & hawker centres not included) in Singapore which will come in handy when you want to avoid those complications. These places have either already included the GST in their prices or simply absorbed it themselves, some may require you to order your food at the counter before it is served to you while for others, service begins the moment you walk through their doors. Either way, prices at these eateries are ‘what you see is what you pay’.

P.S. But do endorse good service with a tip or two especially when they make the extra effort for you!